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Welcome to our Acupuncture clinic in Calgary, AB!

At the Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility (HIHF) we consider Alternative Medicine as the “other side” of medicine. We believe that both sides can co-exist effectively together. We pick up where Western Medicine leaves off by augmenting their protocols with our therapies.

We have a team of talented and caring therapists who have come together with one goal in mind-to help our patients feel better. All of our therapists have extensive training, professional memberships with our respective therapeutic associations and have years of experience.

We are proud of our beautiful clinic and hope to become an integral part of your wellness journey


"A lot of other places I looked into were a lot more and were not necessarily fertility focused like this clinic. I highly recommend them! They focus on infertility and fertility issues, prenatal and pregnancy care (including prenatal massage and yoga), as well as postnatal issues including post partum depression and support for women experiencing menopause. I swear I am not being endorsed to write this or anything, I just really enjoyed my time there and I wish we had a clinic like this in Edmonton!"  
                                                                                                         Kate & Nate-Parents in Waiting


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